Essential Oils Whole Life Wellness Mentoring

What does wellness, purpose, abundance mean to you?


Would you like to wake up each morning filled with vitality and joy, ready to live life to its fullest?

You might be enjoying what you are doing now, however, are you living your life purpose making a difference in the world?

Do you want to leave a legacy you’ll be proud of?

Do you want to be of service giving back to community?

Are you struggling for more time to create more with the people you love?

Do you crave time, location and financial freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want?



We offer entrepreneurial-minded wellness providers simple and effective ways to reach more people and deliver greater value by leveraging our essential oils whole life wellness training

What we are really passionate about is growing heart-centered wellness communities where together everyone thrives.


EMBRACE ... a whole life wellness approach which supports bringing your best self forward. Leverage the latest bio-communication technology to help you (and those for whom you provide care services) build awareness of "blind spots" which compromise vitality and balance. Apply practical daily strategies to achieve laser focus and attract the vitality, success and abundance you desire.

ENGAGE ... by asking exploratory questions to dig deep and identify priority needs. Connect authentically showing genuine care and become a master at problem solving. 

EXPAND ... your impact through inspiring, empowering and nurturing motivated and committed community leaders to grow your wellness tribe.  


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Angela & Ray Shim, Vibrant Balance

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