Whole Life Wellness ... Simplified

Align, Release, Restore

What does wellness, purpose, abundance mean to you?



Would you like to wake up each morning filled with vitality and joy, ready to live life to its fullest? 


You might be enjoying what you are doing now, however, are you living your life purpose making a difference in the world? 

Do you want to leave a legacy you’ll be proud of? 

Do you want to be of service giving back to community? 


Are you struggling for more time to create more with the people you love? 

Do you crave time, location and financial freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want? 



We offer entrepreneurial minded wellness practitioners and business owners simple and effective ways to leverage our essential oils whole body wellness lifestyle training to reach more people and deliver greater value.  

What we are really passionate about is growing a heart-centered wellness community who loves helping each other. 







How well do you listen to your body’s messages?

Do you know whether you are supporting your well-being adequately? 

Are you aware of "blind spots" you may not be able to see with your own eyes?

ZYTO Balance’s galvanic skin response bio-communication technology and its accompanying advanced reporting offer a quick and effective synopsis to guide deeper understanding of the bio-energetic connections between the body’s organs, vertebrae, teeth and TCM meridians and highlight how they contribute to physical and emotional well-being.

Learn how to interpret the scan results to develop wellness priorities based on  observing emerging trends and patterns to deepen understanding of yourself and others. 

What is your life purpose and the unique gift you want to share with the world? 

Do you know how to get there?  

Consider STARTING with the END in mind.

Practise a simple, essential oil anointing chakra meditation to connect with your ultimate "Be All" Goal.          

Develop laser focus to attract the success and abundance you desire.  



Learn how to use Aroma Freedom Technique to help you achieve more. 

Would you like to leave setting small goals behind?

Do you talk yourself out of setting huge goals because of a negative interpretation of an experience that you had earlier?

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Benjamin Perkus PhD developed Aroma Freedom Technique specifically for use with Young Living essential oils to dissolve these negative interpretations.

Use this simple and effective process to pursue the goals you have always wanted and feel the joy of success!


Start Living Clean from the Outside In ... living chemical free doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! 



Start your wellness journey with Young Living's Premium Starter Kit with Everyday Oils offering your choice of ultrasonic cold air diffuser plus an amazing collection of eleven of the most versatile essential oils to support everyday wellness.  

In Canada, this Everyday Oils Starter Kit includes 5 ml bottles of Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint single oils, DiGize blend, R.C. blend, Thieves blend approved as Natural Health Products with specific health benefits acknowledged by Health Canada along with Copaiba single oil, PanAway blend and Purification blend. The 11th bonus oil for Canada is Northern Light Black Spruce, a Canadian tree oil grown at Young Living's Northern Light Black Spruce Farm in Fort Nelson, BC and one of our favorite oils for centering and grounding.  

In the USA and in most other countries internationally, this Starter Kit may offer one or two oils which are different. Know that the selection is always based on popularity and versatility of everyday use. The 11th bonus oil is the Stress Away blend for USA and International markets.   

This Starter Kit offers the best value at close to 50% off the retail price and the ideal launch pad to practise essential oils wellness self-care. 

We often refer to this Starter Kit as your "starter paint set" to help each and every one of you design own wellness landscape.  

Next step, make whole food nutrition our priority by adding Einkorn, the original ancient wheat, to our recipes and dishes to improve nutrition quality. 

Einkorn, because it's unhybridized, and still contains only its original set of 14 chromosomes, may be better tolerated by most people with wheat sensitivities. 

Einkorn also offers a richer nutritional profile as compared to gluten-free options. 

Today's modern wheat, after being twice hybridized, contains 42 chromosomes.

This is one of the contributors to allergies and intolerances along with glyphosate, a major ingredient found in Roundup pesticide.   

We offer education and recipes to showcase effective ways to work with Young Living's Einkorn wheat and Organic NingXia Wolfberries, two of nature's nutrient dense whole foods, to create simple, delicious and nutritious recipes.

Learn how to enhance the flavour and aroma of your favorite recipes with Young Living's Plus line of essential oils in Canada and its Vitality line in the USA. Express your creativity through recipe design and inspire others to healthy living right from your kitchen!  

Book your FREE wellness possibilities assessment for greater insight on how you can start living a life of wellness, purpose and abundance! 

Angela & Ray Shim, Vibrant Balance

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